Feast Schedules 

Tentative Activities Schedule:

   Teen Classes: Fri - Wed from 10:00am - 10:45am
   Children's Classes: Fri- Wed from 11am - End of Sermonette
   Seminars: Sunday and Monday 9:30am to 10:30am
   Wed Oct 4:
                      Welcome Services
                                - led by Bill Watson - 7:30pm
   Thu Oct 5:  
                       Bible Study
                                  - led by Bill Watson - 3:00pm

  Fri Oct 6:
                       Senior Luncheon 
                                    - hosted by Bill Watson- 2:00pm

                       Bible Study 
                                     - led by Jeff Reed - 7:30pm
  Sat Oct 7:
                       Bowling - 7:30 pm

  Sun Oct 8:
                        Celebration Station - 4:00pm
                       (Go Karts, Arcade, Children's Rides)  

  Mon Oct 9:
                        Holiday Inn BBQ/Waterpark - 2:30 pm

  Tue Oct 10:
                        Dinner Dance - 7:00 pm   

  Wed Oct 11:
                       Park Picnic/BBQ and Kickball Game - 2:30 pm     
                       Bible Study 
                                     - led by Ben Faulkner - 7:30 pm

   More Information:
       Celebration Station: Celebration Station is a fun center with Go Karts, Bumper
                                           Boats, Mini Golf, Batting Cages, Laser Tag, Children's rides,
                                           and an arcade. For more information visit 

        Park BBQ/Softball: BBQ under a large lakeside pavillion in Seminole Park. Your
                                          fellow church members do the cooking here and we typically
                                          have a softball or football game afterwards on the nearby
                                          softball field.

        Dinner Dance: Dinner/Dance at the Holiday Inn Harbourside. Buffet Style Dinner
                                  with choice of Prime Rib, Chicken or Fish.
        Holiday Inn BBQ/Waterpark: BBQ catered by the Holiday Inn Harbourside. Their
                                                          large pool is available to us after the BBQ. There is
                                                          also a mini golf course on site.
        Bowling: A fun night of bowling at Seminole Lanes.


Our beliefs are based on God's Word. We believe that God’s people  are to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God .

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The Church of God in Miami is a seventh-day-Sabbath keeping Christian church.

In addition to the weekly Sabbath, The Church of God in Miami teaches the observance of God's annual Feast or Holy Days such as Passover, The Feast Unleavened Bread, Pentecost, The Feast of Trumpets, The Day of Atonement, The Feast of Tabernacles and The Last Great Day.